The genesis

Our wish has always been to communicate, share the 3D model and playfully involve the various players in the project: for example security, maintenance etc.

In 2012 we started the development of the Kameleon project: a set of tools, standards and procedures, which allows with an avatar, like video games, to visualize or simulate in operation a 3D model or 3D models from different CAD systems.

Today, Kameleon can convert most 3D CAD formats into a Windows, Mac, Android or Web executable while retaining the concept of object and associated information.

Since 2015, Kameleon is compatible with virtual reality systems (HTC Vive and Occulus Rift), augmented reality (Hololens) but also with Android (version 6 Marshmallow). Since 2017 we also offer the visualization of point clouds from LIDAR. 

Internal use on our technical projects:  
- 3D VR studies of project areas where work ergonomics are essential,
- Internal audit reviews
Use in partnership with our customers:
- Project reviews 
- Provision of a VR room, the time of the project in your offices for evaluation  of studies and progress. 
Creation of your VR space according to your projects: 
- You entrust us with your projects, we convert it to VR

Hygiene Quality Safety Environment

Knowing how to read a PID, understanding a process and its industrialization, being a project manager, raising awareness of HQSE and mastering CAD tools for 25 years have led us to use our smart 3D models to anticipate, train and secure operators. 
The reconstruction is total: virtual reality headsets, sound environment, factory environment allow operators: 
- Training on workstations 
- Safety training and incident simulation 
- Intervention and evacuation process 
The scenarios are established jointly with you, the “cybers operators” are evaluated: 
- Behavior in situation: video recording of sessions 
- Reaction capacities: report in HTML format of VR actions