oil & gas
PetroPeru Iquitos: 
- 3D Laser scan (800 scans), layout and piping plans such as existing, updating of the P&ID of the refinery and the storage area 
- Process design and detailed studies of the online mixing system between the 40 tanks 
- Process design and detailed studies of two 110 MB capacity storage tanks 
- Design process and detailed studies, construction and as built of the first 40 MB floating dome storage for PetroPeru 
PetroPeru Conchan: 
- Evaluation, calculation and upgrading of the refinery fire system 
- Laser surveys, volumetry and evacuation of storage park retentions 
- Laser scan of the whole site and updating of the implementation and retention plans 
- Laser scan and reconstruction of petrol stations in the suburbs of Lima 
PetroPeru TALARA: 
- Method and realization of the upgrade of two sulfuric acid pumps and their associated networks 
- Development of the port area for the distribution of hydrocarbons (port, submarine lines, buoys) 
- Laser and as-is scan of the asphalt unit

Study of details of block 67 in Peru 
PDMS studies 
Updating of P&ID site in Gabon

Participation in project implementation studies with Total teams. 
Modeling of the site, utilities, MEG, LLDPE, LDPE workshops in 3D. 
Modification and integration into the 3D CRACKER model. 
Creation of interactive plans from the model. 
Project presentation meetings. 
- Realization of high definition animations which were used for Total 2009's corporate film. 
- Creation of computer generated images.

3D laser scan drilling platform 
Mechanical reconstruction 
Alignment check