Scripts Creation

The 3D objects and entities to be actors of the training scenario are identified and are assigned standard programming scripts: 
- Movement interaction: Activated directly or indirectly, the object transforms or moves. 
- Intelligence interaction: When questioned, the object informs of its values in databases. 
- Communication interaction: Activated directly or indirectly, the object informs the cyber operator or activates other objects. 
- Random interaction: The object can, as it pleases, carry out operations alone. 
The design of the training script is the key step before programming the module and is carried out in collaboration with the operators.
Formation via Internet

Two types of training are available: 
- SP Vision provides the 3D environment and the trainer delivers a course through the network, communicates and informs cyber students. 
- The quality of the training is assessed by the trainer. 
- SP Vision sets the scripts that will guide the cybers students through exercises. 
- The quality of training is assessed by a training report.
Virtual Reality Training

For a more real immersion we offer solutions based on virtual reality: 
- Advice to our partner “Paradis du Geek” for the hardware deployment of virtual reality rooms. 
- Rental of ready-to-use configurations. 
- Mobile VR room ready to use.